sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Y es asi como me siento ahora

And suddenly you found yourself sitting on the other part of the benches. From one minute to another you realize you were becoming one of those, those who you hated, those who you looked with some sort of despise. Turn out it wasn’t that hard passing to the side you once called the dark one. You figure it out (by your own, claps for you), there’s just a little tiny line, if we can call so, that divides what its wrong from what it’s not, what you love and you´ll regret, what you can do and what you can but shouldn’t do. Thus, in some cases there isn’t even that minim line and turns out that what you love if what hurts you, what makes you happy will kill you later and when you less expect it you will be digging your own grave, making some space to save the soul you once had. 

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